Eastbourne Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography - Birling Gap - East Sussex

Birling Gap - East Sussex

I never get a chance to take landscape photography in Eastbourne. I am always working, taking family portraits or on a commercial job, so the chance to take some landscapes for myself was a rare treat. I was on a one-2-one with a client, teaching them to use their own DSLR. 

I love Birling Gap - East Sussex, so decided to take Claire up for a walk around, teaching her to take photos that most people don't. This means changing your viewpoint, getting on your belly, or using creative controls to produce artistic and engaging photography.  

Birling Gap - East Sussex - Towards Seaford Head

It was a beautiful night, an hour before sunset. Misty, giving us problems cutting through the mist, extremely windy but exhilarating to be on a beautiful stretch of our coast. 

Long exposure Birling Gap East Sussex

The image above is created with such a technique. The camera secured on a rock and my camera bag, then set to a long exposure, of 3 seconds to blur the waves but maintain sharpness of static objects. I love the creamy effect it has on the waves.

Rocks and Waves, Birling Gap, East Sussex

The effect is amazing when combined with sharp, static objects in the foreground. I will definitely be making more of an effort to venture out to take more landscapes. It was refreshing. Fancy joining me? Just click the button below, email me and ask about my DSLR course.