Family Portraits - Eastbourne

Holywell - Eastbourne

Recent faves from a family portrait session at Holywell Beach - Eastbourne. I love photographing at Holywell. The landscape is dramatic and beautiful. Families love clambering about on the groynes and rocks. They make for truly unique family portraits. 

Family portrait - Holywell - Eastbourne

Like many families that come to me for their family portraits, this family has visited me on a number of occasions before. They had visited the studio on South Street and had my relaxed studio portraits, but were amazed at the intimate nature of the beach photography. 

Holywell Family photography - Eastbourne

The experience of having your portraits taken on location is completely different to a studio session. Whilst I arrange some shots, the more powerful photos are captured during totally spontaneous moments that occur as the family relaxes and simply enjoy a family day out. 

Sisters - Holywell - Eastbourne

Black and white photography perfectly matches the mood of these portraits. Allowing the expressions to be the main focus, complimented by the contrasting effect and texture of the wood in the groynes and multitude of tones in the pebbles. 

Solo portrait - Eastbourne

Classic Portrait - Eastbourne

What do you think of these portraits? Would you like some like this of your own family? All you need to do is contact me, Phil, and I will talk you through all you need to know in order to book your session. It costs just £100 to have a shoot and to have your first five prints. After that, you can choose to buy large wall art for your home, or an album to tell the story of your family. Press the button below to send me an email..