Family Photography in Sussex

One families story

Taking family portraits in Sussex, I am privileged to watch families grow. Here is one such family and a selection of my favourite photographs of them taken over the years. 

Always a lively shoot, but these children have such personalities, it is a blast to photograph them, usually an hour or so of laughter and fun-filled chaos!
— Phil Burrowes - Photographer - Avant Photographic

These three have been photographed by a few other photographers, and K, the mum, tells me that I am the only photographer in Sussex able to capture her middle one. We discussed it last time K was in, as to why I find it easier to photograph her than other photographers in Sussex have? My only theory is that she is a similar age to my own son, and the amount of times I have photographed her, she knows me and is familiar with me. 

As time has gone on, the intimacy and unique nature of my photography for this family has evolved. As with many families that come to Avant Photographic as regularly, I feel i have to really up my game to produce something unique each time, which is, after all why families come to me, for unique and emotive family photography. 

K's youngest, her son, H was part of the My First Year Scheme, which cost £130 for 3 shoots during babies first year, and a print from each shoot displayed once completed in a 20inch frame.  like this. 

All you need to do is send me an email to ask more about the My First Year scheme. 

The baby photography really captures the 3 stages of a babies first year. tiny newborn, sitting 6-8 month old, to stumbling toddler. 

My First Year Frame

The £100 location shoot and FIVE print deal is still on,  too. Winter is incredible for location shoots. The light is amazing and so long as you are wrapped up warm, a walk on the beach, or muddy splodge round the woods is fantastic. Next week, I am posting some winter family portrait shoot images, so please check back for more.. Phil