Customer Wall Art

Customers tell their stories

Last week on Facebook I asked customers to send me images of their wall art in situ. Just simple photographs of their completed works, hung with pride in their homes. The photographs I produce for families is taken to be displayed, to be a focal point, a visual display of the love people have for their families. 

Jo's Wall Art

Jo's Wall Art

Jo came to me for the first time just last year after winning the Airbourne Wall Art competition. This is the product she won in the raffle. She had been wanting family portraits for a while and was amazed when I called her saying her's was the name generated by the computer as the winner of a shoot and a 20x16 framed portrait of her family.

It looks great doesn’t it.... You’re so clever!
We are all good thanks, hope you and Morgan are too x
— Jo - Avant Customer
Jo - Family - Bridge

Jo and her entire family on the bridge at Holywell - Eastbourne. This family portrait also featured in my 'Faves of 2014' exhibition. 

I'm still after submissions for this continuing series of blogs about my customers and their wall art collections. You can submit your pictures via email by clicking the button below. 

What do you think of what you have seen? You can leave comments below or, to book a location shoot for your family, contact me directly and I will send you a FAQ all about location and home shoots with Avant Photographic. Click the button below to email me. 

end me an email with "I want FAQ's" as the subject and I will do just that. info, prices, ideas, the whole works. What would really help is knowing something about your family. How many and how old your children are? If you like the beach, park or woods? Or if you are the happy new owner of a baby..!!!?? It'll help me send you info you'll find useful, rather than a bunch of stuff you neither need, or want. 

Many thanks