Teen Shoot - Hastings

A wet afternoon in Hastings

To celebrate one of their birthdays, three friends from school booked a photoshoot. Together, we braved the weather, but the incredible light of this mid Spring evening would ensure tremendous results. 

Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier

We were soaked. But, I dislike conformity, instead, I produce unique images, telling a more interesting story, sharing a unique experience.

After a short shoot, exposed, out on the main platform of Hasting's incredible pier, (it really is, you should go - Hastings Pier) we ventured to the underside, out of the rain and used Hastings historic seafront to create this collection of portraits, showing the firm friendship between these girls. 

Sunset was coming, Golden Hour was upon us, that was the reason we were here at this time of day, waiting for the drop of the sun and keeping fingers crossed for a dramatic sunset - we weren't disappointed. 
I used the shelter and architecture of the 1930's built Parade extension. Partly for shelter from the rain, but also for to use the shapes it forms in the images i was going to produce. 

As well as individual portraits, we wanted to capture the close friendship, developed between these girls over the last few years at secondary school. 

After the obligatory Snapchat update, (complete with added animal after effects!) it was time for the main event. The sun had dropped in the sky, marking its daily demise, with the reminder it will be back tomorrow, in a dazzling display across the sky of East Sussex. 

Hastings Sunset

Hastings Sunset

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