Location Shoots - Summer Bookings!

Tell the story of your family this Summer!

£100 location shoot including FIVE 10x8 prints

Capture your children's true personality

A location shoot at Avant Photographic in Eastbourne is relaxed, fun, enjoyable. There are no stiff poses or awkward standing with props. check out the freshly updated gallery!

We go to your favourite place, be it your home, your garden, your favourite beach or woodland. You choose. Then I record the things you do together. As a family. I then make beautiful portraits of you and your family. 

Enjoy portraits of your time together

After your shoot, arrange an ordering session to choose your favourites. Choose wall art made from your portraits to hang in your home, have an album designed, maybe even buy digital copies of your portraits to keep for yourself... 

Sounds Great! How much? 

£100. This is for a shoot within 25 miles of Eastbourne and FIVE 10x8 inch prints. It's your decision to buy more portraits when you come to your ordering session.

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How do I book?

Send me an email! studio@avantphotographic.com and I will arrange your shoot date. 

I've got a question

Then don't be shy, send me an email! My name is Phil.... If it's about the weather, the answer is, we still go out, but in cagools and wellies..... Unless it's biblical (locusts, frogs, apocalyptic horsemen etc) then I'll call you before and see what you want to do. 

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